Wood fire oven used in a pizzeria, restaurant, hotels etc need to be of the highest quality material and building methods. The importance of the cooking floor tile is vital, a 50mm thick floor oven tiles which has a minimum Alumina content of 38% and to reach temperature of 1350 dg C.wall/floor thickness layers of approximately 300mm. By achieving thermal mass the wood fire oven retains/captures the heat which results to burning less firewood used leaving 80% of the internal oven footprint to cook. Commercial wood fire ovens are pre built and ready to be delivered for installation. Ovens come with a commercial metal black powered coated stand




 Wood Fire Ovens


“14th century sculptor” is the real deal when you choosing from the range, internal dimension is of 780mm in diameter. This oven can cook 4 small pizzas at once.

 Wood Fire Ovens


“15th century sculptor” this is the favourite and ideal sized oven, internal dimension is of 960mm in diameter. This oven can cook 7 small pizzas at once or 4 small pizzas and a well sized tray for your meat or vegetables.

 Wood Fire Ovens


“15th century painter” an amazing serious wood oven, internal dimension is of 1080mm in diameter.This oven can cook 10 small pizzas or 2 large trays with room for more.

 Wood Fire Ovens


“14th to 15th century painter” the biggest of them all and with all the good reasons, internal dimension 1170mm in diameter. This oven can cook 14 small pizzas or 3 large trays comfortably and more.


Rough Cast Finish Image

Rough Cast

Smooth Finish Image

Smooth Finish

Tumbled Stone Finish Image

Tumbled Stone

As the trend for cooking outdoors over open flames continues to grow, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, as well as individuals and families at home in backyards around Australia, are fanning the flames of the latest revolution in the outdoor entertaining experience.